Mathematics Grade 7 – One Year

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About Course

The Mathematics Curriculum serves as a real life context for learners and teachers to engage in meaningful activities that are relevant to life, including their languages, cultures and everyday experiences beyond the walls of school. The Mathematics

Curriculum from Grades 7-9 challenges and inspires learners to:

  1. a) Use mathematical concepts and processes to interpret the world
  2. b) Make connection between their previous mathematical knowledge to new situations
  3. c) Communicate mathematical ideas and processes that have helped them to understand their experiences and refine their problem solving skills
  4. d) Explore in a variety of ways, the application of mathematics to problems in their everyday life
  5. e) Reflect on their experiences and decisions and make adjustments to their prior conceptions or meanings of situations
  6. f) Develop attitudes such as perseverance, honesty and courage as they manipulate mathematical concepts and skills and engage in critical reflective thought.

Course Outline

G r a de 7 Units

Term 1
Unit 1: Operations on Real Numbers
Unit 2: Measuring Concepts
Unit 3: Solids.
Unit 4: Transformations
Unit 5: Geometric Construction.

Term 2
Unit 1: Properties of Arithmetic, Ratio, and Proportion.
Unit 2: Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion and Presentation of Data.
Unit 3: Making Rules, Equations & Inequalities, Simplification.

Term 3
Unit 1: Sets..
Unit 2: Consumer Arithmetic.
Unit 3: Relations, Functions & Graphs

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